Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cross Country Review

On Tuesday, 10th of September, the Carlton School students had their Cross-Country starting at 1:40 pm. The start line was at the edge of the school field. The course then went around the Junior Playground, along the footpath, over a jump, across the other side of the field to the soccer field where Katrina was standing, down the bank, up at the middle of the bank and down again, up at the end of the bank, around the Senior Playground, over a hill, over a large hurdle, around a corner and down the main straight. We had to run this four times (groan). We had to do the course so the teachers could see how fast we were and pick our inter-school team.

Before our races we had to sit in our house lines. I'm in Puriri, so I sat behind the Puriri flag. I had to wait over an hour for my race, (the 10+ year old girls). I don’t really know where I placed but I was in the middle, not at the front, not at the back-phew! After the races, the 'sKids' people gave an orange slice to everyone. I literally couldn't swallow on the last lap. I was as tired as a bear in winter when I got home, given I'd run four laps around the school and then fought the wind across Springvale Park.
This is us waiting for our races.
On your Marks, Get Set, Go!

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