Thursday, 17 October 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 2013 - Week 5 - Human Rights (#13stubc)


Are all humans being born equal? You'd think yes, but actually... no. Think about the kids in Somalia. They have so little food that you can see their rib cage through their skin. Look at the kids in Somalia, then look at us. Somalians would die to have schools with technology like us.

We aren't born equal because we live differently. We live differently because we would all be girls if we were born equal. We aren't born equal whatsoever, because of colour or gender. Syrians are being killed because of chemical explosions, while Somalians are starving to death. Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, we get a good education, clothes, enough food, clear water and more. It's not fair for Somalians and it tells me that we are not all born equal in this world.

Are we promoting a spirit of brotherhood? No. We should have learnt after World War 2. In fact, we should have learnt after World War 1. We need to treat others as we like to be treated. This madness has to come to an end. We have to promote a spirit of brotherhood to stop this madness.

(Compare these)

New Zealand                                                                                          Somalia

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