Thursday, 24 October 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 2013 - Week 6 - Our World

For this week's Student Blogging Challenge I chose to do activities 7 & 8. Activity 7 was to visit blogs from different countries. Activity 8 was to find how different my world is to that of the other students in the challenge. So basically I had to write a post asking questions for overseas visitors to answer. I had to think about water, food, transport, technology rather than singers or movies. I started with Activity 7. 

First I read Renae's blog (she's from Australia) Here is a link to Renae's blog. Then I read Avery's blog (he's from U.S.A.) Here is a link to Avery's blog. Both of them like Minecraft and drawing, so we have some things in common.

Activity 8. Now the questions. My friend Katrina and I thought these up (Katrina's blog). Please leave your answer in the comments by saying e.g Your class 1. (answer) (WARNING: Do not put e.g in your comment)

Your Class
  1. What is the main type of technology do you use at school?
  2. How do you get to school?
  3. From reading other people's blogs, do you think your school is much different to others? (Electronics, classrooms, subjects etc.)
  1. How does your culture differ from others?
  2. Do you have any original cultural foods that have been passed down through your family?
  3. Do any songs/dances represent your culture?
  1. How does your National Anthem describe your country/laws in your country/rights people have in your country? (If it does)
  2. What cultures originate from your country? (e.g We have Maori here in N.Z.)

Enjoy and thank yo for reading this blog!

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