Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 8 - Questions

For this week's Student Blogging Challenge, I chose Activity 3. For Activity 3, I have to answer some questions.

1.What is a great post you have written?
My "Earthquake" post. It was soooooooooo funny. Me at the 00:17 mark was hilarious, and you will find out why in Question 2.

2. What made it stand out from the other posts?
It was the longest and most hilarious, even with me at the 00:17 mark in "How Not To React During A Quake.

3.On your blog, are you able to write posts about your own interests?
I don't think so. This blog is for school purposes only, but I will for sure still use this blog when I leave school.

4. Do you think this would make your blog more interesting?
YES! Why? I could write about whatever I want, whenever I want.

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