Thursday, 31 July 2014

What I did this week.

Not many fun things happened for me this week. First, I woke up on Monday, and the school week started. I had a normal school day, then Tuesday started. Normal Tuesday, then the bad stuff started. Wednesday, I came down with a bad cold. I was stuck in bed playing on my iPad all day. 3PM sucked. My iPad died. Darn. Boring rest of my day. Yesterday was the exact same but my iPad didn't die. Good. Today, I came back to school, only to get told that the class ordered Duffy books. If I didn't choose, who did? Tayla did. Oh no, she probably got me Titanic, or The Hunger Games. Don't worry, She got me a book called "I Hate School." I have a friend who has that book who once let me read it and it was awesome. She also chose a book called "Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows" apparently.

One last thing, I am going to set up a goal thing where I write a goal for next week. My goal for next week is to try complete all tasks, literacy and maths.

Well, That's all I have for this time, come back every Friday for a new post. Bye!


  1. Awww. Your sooooo lucky you got to play your iPad all day, but not too lucky you had a cold. I ordered that 'I Hate School' book too. It looks awesome!